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 Terms of Service

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PostSubject: Terms of Service   Terms of Service I_icon_minitime20/02/13, 04:32 am

`When registering with TheFilesCabinet you "MUST" register with your exact "IMVU Username"
`When registering with TheFilesCabinet you "MUST NOT" register with your exact "IMVU Password"
`Please ensure your password to the forum is unique and not related to imvu.

TheFilesCabinet is a free site for all, " NO Fees " will ever be asked for by the administrators of the forum or the moderators, for any purpose now or in the future. this site will remain free..

`You acknowledge that this is a GA forum, any AP material of any kind is not permitted in the general viewing areas of this forum.
`You acknowledge you are responsible for the text, information, graphics, and other material that you submit, post or otherwise make available on TheFilesCabinet.
`You acknowledge that the moderators of TheFilesCabinet will remove or edit any post that does not comply with the sites rules ASAP.
`You acknowledge that TheFilesCabinet Picture size MUST NOT be larger than 500 x 500 maximum.
`You acknowledge that it is forbidden to sell stolen assets, free assets, copy and pasted assets downloaded from Google or obtained in a dishonest fashion in any way on TheFilesCabinet site.
`You acknowledge each country has a set of privacy laws, these laws are not to be broken, posting negative things is forbidden in any post against any user, message the person and admin if any issue arises.

TheFilesCabinet is NOT part of IMVU.Inc and is NOT monitored or staffed by IMVU.Inc. This forum is related to imvu users. For all issues in this forum you must contact this forum's administration. NOT IMVU.Inc, as they cannot and will not take responsibility for any issues in this forum

These rules will be updated from time to time, please refer to these rules Often
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PostSubject: Re: Terms of Service   Terms of Service I_icon_minitime14/03/13, 09:08 pm

Agreed and signed Smile

Terms of Service Fxd2
Terms of Service Tfc1_zps17b398a6
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PostSubject: Re: Terms of Service   Terms of Service I_icon_minitime17/06/13, 05:31 am

Read, Agree and Signed.

Killer Creations Inc.  Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Terms of Service   Terms of Service I_icon_minitime20/06/13, 12:53 pm

agree and sign
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PostSubject: Re: Terms of Service   Terms of Service I_icon_minitime

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Terms of Service
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